Job Description

The Security Officer is responsible for the safety and security of guests and employees, and the property of Eldorado Hotel and Spa. This includes supporting other department activities to help assure the highest levels of guest and employee service. The Security Officer will also help guide and support the administration of, and training on, safety and security functions for both other security officers and the employees of the Eldorado Hotel and Spa.





  1. Carry out the policies and procedures of the hotel while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and teamwork atmosphere as per standards of service.
  2. Follow safety procedures to ensure a safe working environment.
  3. Reduce the opportunity for the commission of crimes through the use of thorough, preventive patrol and high visibility of security throughout the premises on a timely schedule.
  4. Promote and preserve the peace on premises to assure a comfortable and non-threatening environment for guests and employees.
  5. Aid, or seek aid for, individuals who are in danger of physical harm, or in need of medical attention.
  6. Respond to emergencies as prescribed in Emergencies Service Procedures.
  7. Assure the security of guest and employee information both in written reports and in general business operations.
  8. Complete all Daily Activity and Incident Reports.
  9. Help assure compliance with Liquor Laws.
  10. Assist in developing and presenting security related programs.
  11. Review and edit written records produced by Security Officers.
  12. Be able to work a varied schedule due to changing business levels.
  13. Provide assistance in other job classification as determined necessary by immediate superior.


At least two years Security or Police (military or civilian) experience, preferably with exposure to the hotel environment. Prefer at least two years of college in a safety, security, or hospitality/business related discipline. First Aid/CPR certification, prefer instructor rating. High quality written and oral communication skills.